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About MKSAP 16 Digital

MKSAP 16 Digital is a package that includes this feature-rich online application and a collection of mobile apps that enable you to work offline and later sync your answers with this site. This online application includes the entirety of content in the 16th edition of MKSAP, including 1,200 pre-tested multiple-choice questions and hundreds of pages of updated information in the field of internal medicine, organized into subspecialty sections. MKSAP 16 Digital is a state-of-the-art learning system, enabling learners unprecedented control and unparalleled ease of use. Learn more about MKSAP 16 Digital and the entire MKSAP 16 product suite.

About the Program Leadership and Editorial Team

MKSAP 16 was conceived and produced within the American College of Physicians Medical Education Division under the general leadership of Patrick Alguire, MD, FACP, Senior Vice President and Editor-in-Chief, and D. Theresa Kanya, MBA, Vice President. Sean McKinney, Director of Self-Assessment Programs, led the program design and serves as the program lead and product manager for the full MKSAP 16 product suite. Margaret Wells, Managing Editor, oversaw content development, managed production, and managed the MKSAP 16 editorial team. Phil Masters, MD, FACP served as Deputy Editor-in-Chief, and Daisy Smith, MD, FACP coordinated the development and highlighting of our new high-value care content.

MKSAP 16 Editorial and Administrative Team:

  • Valerie Dangovetsky, Administrator
  • Rebecca Krumm, Senior Staff Editor
  • Ellen McDonald, PhD, Senior Staff Editor
  • Kathryn Idell, Senior Staff Editor
  • Randy Hendrickson, Production Administrator/Editor
  • Megan Zborowski, Staff Editor
  • Linnea Donnarumma, Assistant Editor
  • John Haefele, Assistant Editor

Additional information about editorial and program management team members is available in Contributors and Disclosures.

About the Developers

MKSAP 16 Digital was developed within the American College of Physicians Digital Products and Services department, under the general leadership of Steve Spadt, Vice President. Brian Sweigard, Director of Digital Product Development, led the entire design and development effort and served as overall project manager. Dan Hoffmann, Director of Web Services and Systems Development, served as primary liaison with infrastructure and systems teams. Sr. Architects, Neil Kohl and Chris Patterson, led the overall architecture and construction of the infrastructure on which this product securely resides.

Software Design and Development Team:

  • Dan Barron, Senior Systems Analyst/Developer
  • Chris Forrest, Senior Software Developer
  • Scott Hurd, Senior Systems Analyst/Developer
  • Kara Kronenwetter, Senior Web Developer
  • Brad Lord, Senior Web Application Developer
  • John McKnight, Senior Web Developer
  • Nate Pershall, Senior Web Developer

Development of the offline apps was achieved through ACP's technology partnership with Enforme Interactive. We are most grateful for the company's outstanding work on this project, particularly that of Josh Trout, lead developer, and Lauren Johnson, project manager.